One day I found myself unemployable, going from interview to interview, unable to land a job because of my vast experience in banking industry, that I was a part of for over twelve years prior. During one of my very last interviews for an administrative assistant position, which I knew I was wrong for the moment I walked into the office, the twenty three year old company owner, who knew I was wrong for the position the moment I stepped into his office, asked me what it is that I wanted to do instead of being an administrative assistant, during our casual chat. Without a second thought, I answered "I want to have my own stationery business", and his reply to me was "Why don't you?" Here he was, a twenty three year old owner of a brand new stock trading company, starting something of his own, facing many challenges (he looked eighteen), convincing me to start something of my own. I thought to myself that if this teenager-looking kid can walk into a meeting to ask for millions of dollars to be handed over to him and trusted with, then I can most certainly design beautiful invitations for different events in people's lives. The moment I made the decision to start my stationery business, all the right people started coming into my life. The very next day I e-mailed several wedding planners in town, asking if they could use an intern. The very first one and the only one who responded back to me, was Gianna Provenzano, an amazing wedding producer and now a dear friend. All the time I had spent around beautiful wedding stationery while interning for Gianna brought back my passion for all things tangible created using graphic design, a bachelor's degree in which hangs on a wall in my office. Seeing first hand some of the areas where wedding planning process could be improved upon, I opened my own stationary and gifts business, and as they say, "the rest is history".

My philosophy in life is to K.I.S.S. If you guessed the old saying "keep it simple, stupid", you are almost right. "Stupid" is such an ugly word to me, that I like to say "keep it simply simple". At time we complicate things that don't need to be complex to begin with. Designing bespoke wedding stationary is no different. Select the paper, the font, the embellishments, and you are practically done. You will need to tell me who is master and who is mister, who is miss and who is mistress on your list of guest, as I just wont know their ages, but even that task will be an easy one, I promise.

I believe there is a direct correlation between wording of an invitation and how smoothly the timeline of your event is executed. Wording of an invitation should reflect the unique differences you have planned for your event, making it easy on your guests to be where you need them to be at the right time. I continue to assist with the wedding day execution to stay atop of all the latest wedding trends, so that if you decide to have shuttles taking your guests to and from your event, I will be sure to reflect that in your invitation design. The saying "Everything has been done before" is very true, which is why i like to put a modern twist on a long forgotten old, to make it brand new again. Just like fashion repeats itself every 30 years, bellbottoms coming and going in one form or shapes or another, so does the graphic design. With that in mind, I do love clean, minimalist, timeless approach to design. Have you ever seen wedding pictures from the 80's? Immediately you know the event took place in the 80's, right?! Huge, not just big, huge hair, puffy, long sleeve wedding gown with appliqué sequences everywhere, heavy make up, and those pointy, uncomfortable heels. And that's just the bride. Well, I strive to stay away from dating my work, hoping that 50 years from now the announcements I create are relevant. 

Custom card box, guestbook, wedding pen, party favors are just some of the items you will be able to cross off your "wedding to do" list, and you will only deal with one vendor. Me. Not only will we design a beautiful announcement for your event, reflecting you and your personalities, but we will create a brand. I would love to hear from you and to be a part of your event planning process.


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