Simply pre-cycling.

I had a meeting with Tobey Dodge yesterday of Wedding Connections, an expert in event planning/producing industry with 22 year experience on her resume. We got to talking and she mentioned that her son coined a phrase "pre-cycling". Basically what it means is thinking before you get to the recycling to eliminate the process or to limit it as much as possible. Like, getting a stylish container made out of aluminum to carry drinking water in and boiling tap water in an electric kettle. Give me an empty cookie tin container (and we all have many of those after Christmas) and I am happy as a clam - you eat the cookies, I will use the tin for storage :-) Like, not having twenty pages full of phone applications, but using your brain for a change to avoid Alzheimer's. Like, minimizing how much information we carry around with us (credit cards, insurance cards, etc) and utilizing that iPhone of yours to store that information in.

I thought it was a brilliant phrase :-)

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