Simply volunteering.


A few years back a representative from Lymphoma and Leukemia Society stopped by the office where I was working. Economy only started to tank at that point, but the non-profit sector was hurting more than ever. Kathy, the rep, asked us to help the organization any way we could - money or time. I chose time, which led to me volunteering not just for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society, but for various different organizations. There is no history of cancer in my family, it is just nice to see and meet people who have been through some things. And by people I mean God's children of all ages. Here is a commercial I was an extra in for Stand up to Cancer and MasterCard public service announcement, which aired during a football game (not into football, so I cant even tell you when and what). See if you can find me :-) in two different places.

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