Simply David Tutera and his "My Fair Wedding".

Earlier in the year,  I received an e-mail asking me if I would like work with We TV channel, on the "My Fair Wedding" show of David Tutera. Without a hesitation, I said yes, and I am happy I did. To have a chance to work with such great wedding producer was an honor and pleasure.

You could see the video of the opening episode to the Fall 2012, season 5 premier episode of "My Fair Wedding" here. It is lengthy as it is beautiful, you are more than welcome to watch the entire clip, but I went ahead and just froze some frames for you, showing my work.

Here is the final mockup for the show, before the final touches, such as the information was added to it.

overview of the table
getting closer
even closer :-)
 do you see the table numbers? ;-) 8 and 12
and here we are, third down from the top, being specially thanked among some other wonderful wedding industry professionals who contributed to success of the season premier episode of My Fair Wedding.

We have also been listed on the WeTV vendors list for the show here. The list is long, so, please scroll down to "Printed Materials" :-)  

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