Only, what is it and do I really need it?

Typically, a wedding suite includes an invitation, an inner and/or outer envelopes for it, RSVP/reply card and an envelope for it. Depending on intricacy of your events, other pieces might be added, to accommodate your guests and to complete the vision of your event. We talked about some dates that you should keep in mind when mailing pieces of your wedding suite and here are descriptions for what those pieces are.
  • save the date card is a good idea, if you are having your wedding fall on a holiday or if you are having a destination wedding, so that your guests have plenty of time to make travel arrangements; the card should read your names, wedding date, location(s), and wedding website;
  • reception card, which tells yours guests the names of the venue, address and time, if your reception and ceremony are in two different places; if your entire event takes place in one location, no need for a reception card; wedding website are popular, so, utilize them;
  • directions card, with the name of the venue, address and time of reception, and a map is a good idea to have as a courtesy for your guests, especially if a majority of your guests are from out of town, but this is not a must; if the card is included with the suite, no address for the reception or ceremony is printed on the invitation;
  • events/itinerary card, lists details on each activity and boxes for guests to check off which they’d like to attend, if you are having a destination wedding or weekend long celebration with many planned activities; a space for guests to write their names is a good idea when designing the card to make it easier on yourselves; also, ask your guests to return it with their reply card;

  • accommodations card tells your guests about hotels near the ceremony and reception sites, airfare or other transportation information together with maps of the area, to make it easier on your out of town guests; including it would be helpful for your guests, but website could be great help instead of it;
  • escort card reads your guests' name(s) and table number, to help them know where they are seated (which table); typically they are arranged outside of the dinning room and guests pick them up before entering;
  • place card reads your guest's name and is already placed at the table letting your guest know where exactly at the table they are seated;
  • belly band is dictated by design and is a great way to tie every piece of your suite together; as an embellishment it is a nice touch, but is not necessary;

  • program is not a necessity, but it is great to have since programs are a record of your ceremony and help guests feel a part of your wedding; it is recommended for a religious ceremony or if you have many guests of another culture; it should list your names, date and location of the wedding / order of events / bridal party; as an option, include explanations of traditions, thank you’s, memorials, quotes or poems, songs;

  • a menu card lists food, wine and beverage choices; if you are having a special dish or cocktail, you may wish to explain its significance or list any special ingredients used; it is a nice touch for your guests, but if you are on a tight budget, having one menu per table for guest to share might be a solution to not having it at all;
  • it is customary to personally thank all the guests for attending your wedding and for their gifts; a "thank you" card, with your names or a line that reads “thank you” could be is a great place to include your new address if you have moved, but is not a must;
  • calling card or couples calling card is in a way a business cards, but it has your personal contact information instead of business;
  • at-home cards alert people of the address where you will be residing and the date after which you will be there, which would be a nice addition to your wedding suite;
  • announcements are sent after the event, to relatives and friends not sent invitations to; they announce past event, so, the year is always included; the announcement follow the same format as the invitation; at -home cards might be included with the announcements;
  • favor card is just a little token of your appreciation to your guests, that can be attached to a small gift you are giving to your guests for attending the event;
Now that you are more familiar with what thing are and their purpose, you can make an educated budget estimate for your special day stationary and feel good about it. If you have question(s), please leave me a message and I will be sure to get back to you.

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