Simply eHarmony.

I was already in bed, when I heard my iPhone make a noise that it makes when I receive an e-mail. I glanced to see where the e-mail was from, and in the darkness of my room, illuminating off of the screen I saw a few words "... eHarmony...", "... have been tagged...", "... Claire Renee...". It was the e-mail I have been waiting for a few day now. I could not wait - I had to get out of bed and see the pictures that Claire Renee of Claire Renee Photography had from the eHarmony event! And I am glad I did :-)

{using cricut, I was able to cut out the eHarmony logo}

{we used wishing cards and an apothecary jar instead of a guest book}

{Sharmila of Parties and Petals and myself;
Sharmila designed the beautiful flower arrangements; see for yourself, just below}

{the ink inside of the pen was a pretty shade of green}

{wishing card, invite envelope and a program}

{a bunch of programs}

{to save the flowers, we had to refrigerate them :-) }

{there were a few of the crystal strings left over, so, I stuck them into these flower balls that Sharmila designed, just to tie everything together even more. I was like a kid in a candy store }

Chris Ellis of Chris Ellis Photography was there, assisting Claire.
As soon as he posts his pictures, I will be sure to post them as well.

And here they are :-)

{Kristeen Labrot of Kristeen Labrot Events the event planner for this event, Sharmila Gokel of Parties and Petals, and me}

{most delicious appatizers were provided by Trés La}

{Gregory Walforf, the founding investor for relationship service and CEO of}

{work of Sharmila Gokel of Parties and Petals}

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