Simply RSVP card.

Once you receive all of the RSVP cards back, how will you know what dish each guest gets served at dinner time or what your guests' allergies are? When talking to your invitation designer, please make sure you talk about designing a layout for RSVP card that will make it easy for you to organize yourselves. Creating a spreadsheet will help you and the wait staff immensely, when figuring out what dish is to be served to whom and what produce to avoid, when preventing allergic reaction. In this particular sample, next to the spaces for guests' names, there is space to write dinner choice for each guest attending.

People tell me I should have been a doctor, since I already have the handwriting for it. What if most of your guests are doctors or should have been doctors? A little trick that I like to talk to my clients about is to print out a numbered list of all the guests and according to that list, number each and every RSVP card in the back with a pencil. When you receive all of the RSVP cards back and for whatever reason are unable to decipher a guest's name on the RSVP card, you will say a little prayer for me :-) Make sure when assembling your wedding suite, that the right RSVP cards gets placed into the right envelope invitation (the name and the address on the invitation envelope matches the name on the numbered list for RSVP cards). Pre-filling guests' names on the RSVP card is one option that you have, but expect to pay more for such service, as the time involved in something like that an invitation designer would like to be paid for.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please let me know :-)

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