Simply my niece.

Today my sister in law gave birth to a beautiful baby girl :-) Last week we did a cast of my sister's belly, which I finished painting yesterday. I just need to figure out a way to hang it. This was a second cast we had done because making the first one was so much fun. You buy a kit from Babies R Us, which has everything you will need already in it. All you will need to buy additionally, is the paint and embellishments. Have fun with this and be creative! Once it dries, decorate it at a baby shower to make a more memorable shower.

... a little Dexter-ish, I know, but be sure to cover as much of the area where you will be making a cast as possible - washing drops of water from the cast is no easy task (no matter how much you wipe, the white streaks don't seem to disappear).

this is the dry cast

... and this is once I embellished it. I know you cant see it, but on the side of it, it reads the baby's name and date of birth. The case is hot pink on the inside, since it is for a girl.


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