Simply "For Colored Girls".

I just got back from watching the "For Colored Girls", and if you are one of those people who doesn't like for others to tell you what the movie was about because you want to form your own independent opinion, well, then stop here. I know I ask people to stop or I walk away as soon as I hear them talk about a movie I have not seen yet, and wanting to see it.

At first, I thought to myself, being as honest as I can possibly be inside my head, "Some of these actresses need acting classes. Who are their acting coaches? Why would you recite your lines as if you were reading poetry?" But then you hear one monologue, and another, followed by yet another, and you realize that all of these amazing monologues are intertwined within this very well written, directed and acted out movie for a purpose. This is one of those movies that one needs to see a couple of times, I know I will, because the first time I was trying to not pay attention to the "bad acting", which is not bad at all, but rather brilliant, so, the second time around I will be able to enjoy the monologues for what they were - pieces of women's souls, displayed on wide screen, for all to see.

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