Simply Party Goddess! Uncensored conference.

"The gatekeeper just dies sometimes", was one of the phrases I heard and loved immediately during the Party Goddess! Uncensored Conference. Rhonda Raye Couchigian said it, when telling us a story of this one client she was trying to land for a very long time, but the assistant to the client was always saying "no". Well, one day Rhonda called to follow up on yet another "no", and a new voice, a voice Rhonda never heard before  was on the other end of the receiver. Come to find out, the former assistant passed away and a new one was on the job. Sad, but true, which makes life more interesting. Things change, life changes, people change, so, for those who are trying to land the next big account, client or job, dont give up! In any industry or business you will hear "no" a lot, but if you believe in yourself and you surround yourself with people who support you and your ideas,than one day you will get your chance.

Bob Gregory of PBC Entertainment  

Marley Majcher, creator and producer of The Party Goddess! Uncensored Conference

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